Product of The Month and Sale Campaigns

Product of The Month – August 2017


** This month we are featuring, Microchip your pet at a discount of 20%, a savings of $10.40 on each Microchip.

** PLUS any pet scanned for a chip during the month of August, will be entered in a gift basket drawing at the end of the month. The basket will be sponsored by PetLink!

** Just ask us to give your family friend a scan!





  Product of the Month – July 2017   

Canine Influenza vaccine – 20% off (vaccine only) the month of July

*Due to the recent cases of Canine Influenza in New York – Lake Country recommends vaccinating your dogs. 

*Take advantage of the current sale campaign to start the vaccine series ( 2 shot series 2-3 weeks apart).

*If your pets have already had an Influenza vaccine prior – the dog would need to go through the series again as there are new strains in this vaccine. 

Read over the Fact Sheets below provided by Cornell for more information.




          Get the comfort knowing your beloved pet will be able to find their way home,

                                                with Home Again Microchip!

                                        Lake Country Vet Microchip May Special

       For the Month of May 2017 you can receive a 20% discount when your pet is Microchipped.


ALSO —  On May 18th ONLY we are offering half price Urinalysis

Urinalysis is a routine test that reports the physical and chemical properties of a pet’s Urine, which provides information about how well the kidneys are working and identifies inflammation and infection in the urinary system. It also helps to detect diabetes and can be useful in the diagnosis of cancer within the urinary system. Urinalysis is part of a complete assessment of the kidneys and urinary system and should be included as a part of routine Wellness Testing. It is particularly important for senior dogs because of the higher occurrence of kidney disease in older animals.

I you have noticed any change in the color, odor or amount of your dog’s urine, drinking habits, difficulty urinating, having accidents, or own a Senior dog ( any dog 6 years old and above) it is very important that a urinalysis be performed.

May 18 ONLY we are offering half price Urinalysis – Please call the office (315-673-4858) to schedule 

an available time for the Urinalysis, or drop off a first morning sample in a clean container ( refrigerate sample if can’t get to us right away, up to 6  hours.)  

Charges are as follows:

Service Appt- $23.00

U/A – $18.00 ( Normally $36.75) – savings of $18.75

***Cats needing a sample to be caught or a cystocentesis performed, will incur additional charges.

If medication is indicated, patient must have been seen by a Doctor within the year, or a full exam will be charged.***





 Spring into Tick Season


             Lake Country Vet’s April Special

Lyme disease, spread by deer ticks, has reached epidemic levels in Central, NY. In an effort to protect your K-9 partner from the ill effects of this disease, we are offering an April special for clients interested in beginning the vaccine series.

Receive a 20% Discount on BOTH doses of the Lyme vaccine.

 That is a combined savings of $15.80 for the 2 shot series.

All patients must be Lyme screened BEFORE the vaccinations, with a negative Heartworm/Lyme test done within 4 weeks of starting the series.

Show how much you care for your pet – Sign up Today!

** All dogs need to have had a Physical within the past year, if not one will be performed, otherwise a service appointment will be applied. (PE-$46.00 – service- $23.00)



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